Students Embrace Writing Workshop

Students Embrace Writing Workshop
Posted on 10/27/2020
Students display their writing booksStudents display their writing books
Grade 6 students at St. Louis Living Arts School have been participating in writing workshops with Curriculum Coordinator Dallis Novelli.

Class teacher Karen Smith said it has helped add more creativity to their Literacy time.

“We needed to breathe some life into our writing lessons, and this has done just that - the students are eager to write and share their work. The mini lessons allow students to try out new strategies in an attainable way and improve their writing on a daily basis,” she explained.

Novelli said the first step for student was to personalize their writing books.

“Like any great writer; one must start with a great place to put their ideas down. The students took time to design and personalize their books before getting started,” she said.

Students provided their own opinions on the workshops as well.

“I think it’s fun to learn new writing methods and strategies for planning stories. The mini lessons are really helpful when trying new strategies”. Danielle 

“I like sharing my memories and past experiences with my classmates. It’s actually helping me spell better too because I am writing so much more!” -Scarlett 

“I like it because you can pick what you write, it doesn’t have to be something really specific. It’s easier to write about your own life because you already know every detail.” -Devin 

“There isn’t a designated topic you have to write about and you can write stories that you wouldn’t normally tell in class. I designed my notebook with hunting pictures and campfire pictures because I wanted it to represent myself.” -Ben 

“I like the fact we can write our own stories and not something specific. I find it easier to write about my own stories because if we have to write something specific it’s hard to think of ideas. On my notebook cover I made it look like slime, added a smiley face and a character I came up with - a green guy with a pylon on his head!” - Colton 

“I like Writer's Workshop because you don’t have to write what you're told to write. You have different stories to write about because you’re different from all the other students. If you’re stuck for ideas, you have a bunch already written down at the front of your journal. I like my journal because every time I look at it, it makes me think of my personality! It’s shiny and has a whole bunch of shapes and colours.” - Ayla 

“I like that Writer’s Workshop is like a free-write. I like that you aren’t given a specific topic and that you get to choose your own. I like how much we’re writing because I get more practice and my writing is getting neater. I decorated my notebook with my favourite colours - purple, black, and blue - to show off my personality.” - Kinley 

Smith said she encouraged by the interest from the students.

“The students are so excited to write in their journals because they are experts in their own work - they know the names, details, and important parts of their own stories. So far, it has been very successful in our classroom,” she said.  

Students display their writing books

Students display their writing books
Students display their writing books
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